Everyday, Ordinary Life Continues

Well, my GoFundMe campaign has ended – and there are more than 20 people who have donated $20 or more, earning themselves a place in the next version of The Study! Starting October 1st, it will be a three week study of Romans 12, which was the theme of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of my ordination. And, as always, we’ll be looking at how to live out our spiritual life in our daily action, via podcasts and text-messages.

There’s still time for you to earn a place in The Study,  particularly if you are interested in the behind the scenes working of a digital study like this! I will be offering a two-week workshop on BeADisciple.com that will focus on how to create a digital study similar to this – and participation in The Study will be included in the fee.

You will can read more about that workshop on BeADisciple.com, and registration is now open.

If you didn’t donate and aren’t interested in the workshop but would still like to participate in The Study, please email me at revbethperry@gmail.com.


It’s official!

The GoFundMe Campaign is live – and a few donations have already come in! And there will be a new version of The Study: Spiritual Action in Daily Life this fall as a thank you for everyone who contributes $20 or more!

In a few weeks, you’ll see a registration form here if you would like to participate but don’t want to contribute to the GoFundMe Campaign.

I’m excited about seeing The Study revived again – thank you for being part of it in the past – and hopefully the future!



New Life!

There might be new life for this old friend!

I will celebrate the 20th anniversary of my ordination on June 10, 2018 – and I’m running a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Community Ministry Program at Judson Memorial Church. There will be lots more information coming out about both of those – you can sign up for my newsletter if you aren’t already on the list!

But here’s a sneak peak for those of you who have participated in past versions of The Study: Spiritual Action in Daily Life! I’m going to run a brand new session of The Study next fall – and it will be FREE for anyone who donates a minimum of $20 to the GoFundMe campaign!

Check back here for the GoFundMe information very soon!




Long Time Coming…

First, let me apologize for the long gap between October and December! There has been a lot going on and the evaluation phase has taken longer than expected.

All the problems brought up in the feedback were easy to solve – except for one: the price. The current price was not enough to cover my costs and time yet too expensive for some people to participate in over a long period of time.

But there’s a solution for both of us: an app! An app would be a low-cost way for people to participate and an easy way for me to manage the logistics of The Study! It would be more accessible to more people and more manageable.

So, at this point, The Study is on hold while I explore the ways to make an app happen. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please post a message here or email me at RevBethPerry@gmail.com!


Evaluation, Step #1, Completed!

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the surveys on The Study: Spiritual Action in Daily Life! From participants and non-participants, I learned some valuable information – and I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past few weeks.

First, the overall results were great! The overall satisfaction of participants who responded to the survey was 100% satisfied (80% extremely satisfied!) and 100% fell into one of the “would participate again” categories.

Second, it was very interesting to see what was important to participants! The highest-ranking items were the scripture connection, the weekday text messages, and the current low cost. Of moderate importance were the scripture link, the particular topics we looked at, and the ability to respond or dialogue with me. (Although 70% of the participants did respond or dialogue at some point during the 10 weeks.) Finally, of least importance were the Facebook page, this website, and the early morning timing.

For non-participants, the most important reason for not participating was simply that they didn’t know about it – and 80% of those said that now that the first version had run, they were likely to participate.

The cost of The Study was also mentioned as a reason for not participating, but almost equally that it was too high for people’s budgets AND too low to indicate real value! Using Paypal was next to last on the list of reasons for not participating. There were also questions about the topics (which change depending on what is newsworthy that week) and the amount of participation required (which is up to the participant).

The only area that received any negativity in any of the surveys related to the size of the text messages – one survey recorded moderate dissatisfaction with that area. From two comments and some further investigation, I think that related to the number of links sent on Monday. Some weeks there were more articles or videos than were comfortable for all the participants but that also created a second problem: for some participants the messages were too long and broke into separate messages, sometimes in the middle of a link.

So, I believe I’ve recognized the areas that need review and improvement: #1: the number of links and size of text messages, #2: cost and participation, #3: timing of text messages.

I’ll keep you updated!



Evaluation continues!

The Study ended a few weeks ago and I am now attempting to evaluate the success (or otherwise) of the first ten week. And it’s a very interesting process! It isn’t too late, however, for you to put in your thoughts and ideas! While I think most of the participants have taken the survey already, non-participatants in The Study can still do that at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HR9BX8W.

The results from non-participants have been just as helpful as those from participants and when the next version begins there should be some good fine-tuning as a result!

I look forward to hearing your input!

Ten weeks are already coming to an end!

I can hardly believe it but we’re completing the first ten weeks of The Study this week! In some ways it seems like it just started last week – and in others (that alarm going off at 6:30 every morning, for example…) it feels like it has been forever!

I’m so grateful to the folks who have participated in The Study, those who donated to the Indiegogo campaign in support of it, those who have purchased the book version (available here) and to those who took The Study a step further and interacted with me almost daily! I’ve loved the conversation and being part of your spiritual life.

Now, its time to evaluate The Study and make any changes necessary before it begins again. I already know there are several things that will need to happen for me (did I mention that 6:30am alarm?) and at least one or two things for you (someone has already mentioned that more than one or two links is a lot to handle on the way to work in the morning!).

So if you have any ideas or comments – whether or not you have participated – please complete the following surveys as soon as possible! And thank you so much!

Participants can access their survey here.
Non-participants can access their survey here. 

The Study is a progressive view on the interaction of faith and daily life.